3 Healthy Ways to Start Off Your Day

3 Healthy Ways to Start Off Your Day

When you’re facing an addiction or mental illness, getting out of bed each morning can feel like an impossible task. It’s no wonder you try to fight against the alarm, and would wish for nothing more than to stay in the comfort of your bed. 

So what would you say if there were some ways to make the task of getting up not such a struggle? Yes, there’s a way not to dread the day ahead – you just have to find a bit of inspiration!

If you’re ready to start each and every day in a healthy way, check out our 3 pointers below.

1. Make a Healthy Breakfast That You Actually Enjoy Eating

We all know starting off the day with a healthy breakfast is pivotal to starting off your day on the right foot – particularly when you’re battling your own inner demons, whether they’re due to an addiction or mental illness. But as you may have experienced, it’s easier said than done. Part of the problem is while some experts might recommend that you chug down something super healthy like a green smoothie on a daily basis, if you’re not a green smoothie person, you’ll soon lose the habit.

That’s why we instead suggest that you find a healthy breakfast option that you actually like eating. The reasoning behind this is that if you look forward to your healthy breakfast, you’ll give it your best effort to keep it up. So what tantalizing healthy breakfast options are there?

Well, you may want to try your hand at cooking up Jamie Oliver’s boiled eggs & asparagus soldiers, or perhaps these 5 star rated healthy egg muffin cups are more up your alley. There are so many recipes to try, and you’ll find countless ones with a quick Google search. The key is to find a healthy breakfast that works for you.

2. Get Your Heart Pumping

Exercise is crucial to mental and physical wellbeing, but sadly, most of us don’t do enough of it. The morning is an ideal time to squeeze in some exercise because not only can you enjoy the beauty of nature at its peak, you can also set the rest of your day off to a great start. The sport you choose is up to you, from yoga to hiking to basketball, it’s all ok so long as it gets your heart pumping.

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Angela Stringfellow from Adventure Digest even suggests that people try getting out of their comfort zone – at least once! “While it’s fantastic to continue with your favorite sport from childhood, or ones you’ve practiced continually as an adult, why not try something new?” she says. “It’s a great way to expand your horizons, make new friends, and push yourself a little.”

But what happens if you’re still lacking motivation? Identify what’s stopping you from getting out and about. If it’s that you’re short on time, set your alarm earlier. If it’s that you have some preexisting sports injuries, find a sport that won’t cause you pain.

Or maybe you just need to be extrinsically motivated a little? If that’s the case, don’t feel guilty about investing in a new pair of crossfit shoes to wear to your new class, or a new rucksack for hiking. It’s all in the name of getting you fit and healthy, after all!

3. Make a Positive Change in Some Way

There’s no healthier way to start off the day than to make some sort of positive change. Whether it’s eating healthier and exercising more, as we suggested above, or a big change like entering a treatment program, you’ll feel the powerful effects of bringing more positivity into your life.

If you’re short on ideas, try to work out what that something is that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Now, this will be different for different people, so don’t feel pressured to just follow what everyone else does.

For example, if you enjoy tending to your garden, try to find the time to do so regularly. Or, if you’re a social butterfly, consider joining a weekly community event or class. Those of you who always have a yearning to learn can think about picking up a new language or learning a new skill. So long as its progressing, not regressing you – the possibilities are literally endless. One positive change leads to another, so it really is the ultimate healthy way to start off your day!