Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Treatment

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Treatment

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For most people entering rehab, the usual detoxification period—during which the body and brain expel the substance of abuse—lasts about one week, give or take.  Even though detox and withdrawal is a dreaded but necessary step in recovery,…
signs of alcoholism in college students

Signs of Alcoholism in College Students and Getting Treatment

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If you think you can’t possibly become an alcoholic in young adulthood, think again.  Statistics reveal that heavy alcohol use doubles between the ages of 18 to19, then ramps up another 55% throughout the early 20s, with nearly 13% of…
addicted to pain pills after surgery

Getting Treatment After Becoming Addicted to Pain Pills After Surgery

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For two decades doctors routinely prescribed an excessive number of opioid analgesics to patients following surgery.  For example, doctors would send a patient home with a script for 50 pills for pain management after a hysterectomy or…
Young Adults and Prescription Drug Abuse

Young Adults and Prescription Drug Abuse Recovery

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In recent years, the nation has become painfully aware of the severely addictive properties of prescription drugs.  The opioid epidemic has produced devastating effects on our young adults especially, with tens of thousands of young lives…