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If you are addicted to drugs, alcohol and facing difficulties to stop the usage of these drugs then, dual diagnosis treatment is just for you. Finding an effective and affordable dual diagnosis treatment center is the first step to get rid of your nasty habits. A dual diagnosis treatment center will help you in both the drug addiction and psychiatric disorder at the same time.

Are you in search of a center for dual diagnosis? Then, Solution 4 Recovery is the best option to get help for all your problems. We are one of the leading dual diagnosis treatment centers in California , we offer patient-centered treatment programs that empower individuals to recover from co-occurring disorders. At our dual diagnosis treatment center, we help people who are struggling with mental health conditions and substance abuse.

Many people who fail to handle their psychological and physical pain start to take the help of drugs and alcohol to medicate themselves. At our dual diagnosis treatment center, we offer different treatment options for both chemical dependencies and mental health issues.

Dual diagnosis is common among adolescents. The professionals at our dual diagnosis rehab center have successfully treated many patients that have co-occurring disorders.  Under the guidance of our treatment team, your teenager can recover too. If you think that your child or someone you know is in need of dual diagnosis, then you can contact our experts. Our admissions counselors are available to answer your questions 24/7. For more information, please contact Solution 4 Recovery Center at (800) 473-2134.