gut health and mental health

Understanding the Link Between Gut Health and Mental Health to Manage Your Addiction

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Research suggests that there’s a strong connection between gut health and mental health, with one study noting that people with depression were missing several key species of gut bacteria. Depression, along with other mental health disorders,…
supplements for addiction

Nutritional Supplements That Can Boost Mental Health And Help During Recovery

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Protecting brain health and mental health with good nutrition is essential while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Brain imaging studies of people addicted to drugs display physical changes in areas of the brain associated…
3 Healthy Ways to Start Off Your Day

3 Healthy Ways to Start Off Your Day

When you’re facing an addiction or mental illness, getting out of bed each morning can feel like an impossible task. It’s no wonder you try to fight against the alarm, and would wish for nothing more than to stay in the comfort of your bed.  So…