Capistrano Outpatient Therapy Center in San Juan

Why Out Patient?

Outpatient Treatment is most effective for those who are self-motivated and for individuals who are ready to make the transition from active treatment in “residential” environment to “aftercare” environment which utilizes more accurately a “real world” situation. Most residential programs fall short in the area of “transition”, (back to home, family, work, school, etc.).  Outpatient therapy center and aftercare programs help make the transition far less abrupt, and significantly increase the chance of long-term sobriety and recovery.

The “Florida Model” of treatment consists of “sober-living” accommodations that are separate from, but complimented by an intensive capistrano outpatient therapy program. This approach helps to significantly reduce the overall cost of residential program treatment component by reducing staff and facility demands, yet still providing a rigorous therapeutic program of recovery. The best candidate for this treatment modality is those who have a high level of willingness, and those who have successfully completed an inpatient program and detox. Also available are professional sobriety coaches. These individuals will assist the individual in developing tools and new habits that will help fortify a strong foundation for recovery and sobriety.

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