Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Testimonials

As we approach this holiday season, one finds themselves reflecting on all the blessings that has come upon them. Solutions for Recovery blessed my life in 2004. Thank you for everything you and your team provided to me in my journey to wholeness. In addition, I would like to mention one personal who personally was very instrumental in my wholeness through his example and fellowship. Edward Keaton (Eddie). Tour organization is very fortunate to have Eddie and I am thankful for the time and involvement with Eddie. God did bless me by introducing me to him!

Eddie has a very special gift and you have a most valuable asset to your organization. At all times he was always ready to help while being very professional, compassionate and understanding. Eddie has a unique way of filtering the road blocks that can deceive a person while making it easy for one to stay in the stream of sober goodness. Sometimes one may not like what one hears from him but after you think and reflect on what he shared with you, he always has your best sober interest. Witnessing Eddie staying up through the night to help those in need through a tough detox, listening to a crying heart, settling an emotional tantrum during meds, and neutralizing addict pettiness demonstrates his real skill, dedication and care for people that are in the program. Addicts are a unique group of people and seeing Eddie patiently lend to them without complaining, amazes me. Your organization is blessed with him!

In short, this holiday season is going to be special for me… I will be sober and for once I have real friends who really have my best interest and hand. God gave me the best gift of all; being sober while continuing on my journey of becoming a whole person. God has touched me through your organization and Eddie. Thank you.

-Joseph P O’Brien

After their mother picked them up, I left for a 6.00 meeting at the Temple. The basement door was locked and we couldn’t get in. Here was seven adults standing in the rain, with no place to go. So we went to the local McDonald’s, and we held our own meeting under the “Golden Arch’s”. I never would have done that two month’s ago! How special is that! It was a great meeting on January first, 2007.

Thanks for all your help.
All my best thoughts and wishes, Mark Slap

I would like to thank you for saving my daughter Jeanine’s life. Prior to Jeanine’s coming to Solutions we had literally looked at every drug treatment center in the state of Washington for assistance and couldn’t find a center that could provide what Jeanine needed. Two days before Jeanine came to Solutions we had made an unsuccessful attempt to take her to a treatment center in the Seattle area. They were unable to take her because of her epilepsy medications but we didn’t know that until we started the intake process. When they rejected Jeanine, it was a serious blow because I feared that Jeanine was going to die if she didn’t get help soon. All of Jeanine’s doctors and others that I knew feared that she was near to dying.

After that unsuccessful attempt at getting Jeanine into treatment I was in despair the following day when you called. You shared with me that you thought you could help Jeanine and graciously agreed to accept her for treatment. I made immediate arrangements and Jeanine and I went to California the next day. You and Dan Fitzpatrick met us at the airport and took Jeanine to Solutions in San Juan Capistrano. There, you did an intake on Jeanine and started her treatment – literally saving her life.

When Jeanine started at Solutions in the beginning of March 2004, most people would have written her off as a hopeless drug addict. During her tenure at Solutions you provided her with an opportunity to learn how to live a sober life. You provided counseling, NA meetings, process groups, medical help, and literally everything Jeanine needed to break the bonds of addiction. Sixty days later Jeanine is a new person. She is now hopeful about her future and very committed to working a good program. She has now moved to a sober living home and is using the skills that she learned while at Solutions. Jeanine now has a good chance of living a happy and fulfilling life thanks to Solutions for Recovery and the wonderful staff that has helped make all this possible.

Steven Goldsmith Jeanine’s Father

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