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Solutions 4 Recovery

Effective Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

The Solutions 4 Recovery system of residential drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation programs along with our structured sober living environments is a composite of several philosophies and techniques. Many clients resistant to “traditional” drug addiction and alcoholism recovery treatments and programs find that Solutions 4 Recovery is the perfect fit for their lifestyle.


Effective Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

Solutions 4 Recovery provides individualized addiction and dual diagnosis programs that is led by a team of highly experienced treatment professionals. We help you find the recovery solutions for your unique needs and history.

Solutions 4 Recovery provides a medically monitored detox and provides a healing and therapeutic environment where you can recover. Our drug and alcohol detox specialists help provide increased comfort and safety.

Outpatient treatment is an ideal option for those who have completed residential or are looking for a more flexible rehab option while they work or go to school. Receive therapeutic and recovery support in early sobriety.


Solutions 4 Recovery understands that a high quality and comfortable environment can help promote increased healing and recovery. Our therapeutic offices and residential treatment homes offer a serene and warm environment where you will feel supported. We invite you to tour our facilities online or in person.

Our Facilities


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Individualized Treatment Plans

Specializing in designing programs that address the values and beliefs of the people we serve, Solutions 4 Recovery increases their ability to engage and participate in treatment. This open ended and person-specific approach has proven to be a strong deterrent to chemical and behavioral relapse.

Solutions 4 Recovery offers custom addiction and dual diagnosis treatment options for individuals looking to get out of the chronic relapse cycle, or who are looking to solve their problems of drug and alcohol abuse once and for all. We offer a variety of different treatment elements that incorporate both traditional and innovative, combining the best possible options in addition recovery.

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