30 Days Sober Benefits Will Surprise You

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30 days sober benefits

When someone decides to get sober they may not actually believe they will ever see 30 days sober. For an alcoholic, even one day sober is a huge mountain to climb, much less thirty days. In fact, at the outset of entering treatment, many individuals with an alcohol use disorder aren’t all that convinced they really want to get sober. Breaking up with alcohol is a tough one to endure. But endure you do, eventually marking the 30 day sober as a key benchmark in the recovery journey.

Those who participate in A.A.’s 12-step program will receive a 30-day token for this accomplishment. Sure, the token is just a piece of stamped metal, but for someone whose life was all but crumbling prior to getting sober, that little coin has intense meaning. It signifies perseverance, inner strength, and a deep desire to succeed in the goal to truly change one’s life for the better.

What many who enter rehab cannot fathom at that early juncture is the amazing 30 days sober benefits that await them if they can stick to the program. Entering recovery features an alcohol-impaired brain and a depleted body, tentatively taking those first baby steps toward sobriety. The 30 days sober benefits at that point are all but an illusion, something that cannot yet be grasped. But benefits they are! Read on.

What are the “30 Days Sober” Benefits?

By not drinking alcohol for thirty consecutive days, a whole new world seems to open up. Sure, the 30-day mark is only the nascent stage of recovery—one that will be punctuated by many more anniversaries—but already a number of positive changes are apparent. These include:

Alcohol abuse is often associated with weight gain and bloating. An unhealthy diet coupled with calorie-rich high alcohol consumption, can lead to extra fat, liver distention, and water retention, all adding to the appearance of increased girth. After 30 days of eliminating booze from your daily caloric intake, you will likely notice your facial features becoming more defined, your belly flattening, and a trimmer overall appearance.

By discontinuing the daily consumption of a highly toxic substance, you will free your system from the chemicals that have been clogging up the liver and poisoning pretty much all organs. In essence, you feel noticeably better after 30 alcohol-free days, as the body purges the toxins and the brain becomes more stabilized. You may feel more energetic and focused as the body now generally functions better.

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Because alcohol is dehydrating, resulting in less elasticity and a more aged, tired appearance. Alcohol causes someone to look older, as the body is unable to produce new cells at a normal rate. Inflammation caused by alcohol leaves one with a reddish, ruddy skin tone. By quitting drinking you will notice an improvement in the overall appearance of your skin, as collagen levels are restored.

It is a mistake to believe that alcohol will allow someone to get a good night’s sleep. On the contrary, although alcohol may help one fall asleep faster, it will disrupt the third and fourth phases of the sleep cycle, disrupting the circadian rhythm and causing sleep disturbance. After 30 days sober, you will notice better sleep quality, which helps restore overall wellness.

While mired in alcohol addiction it is common to experience symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. The impact of alcohol on the brain creates emotional instability, and the consequences of alcoholism enhance feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety. When you reach 30 days sober, you will notice a definite improvement in mood, with a more positive outlook on life and a renewed sense of purpose.

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30 days soberTaking that first step is momentous, putting you on the path to reclaiming your life and fulfilling the dreams that had been lost in the fog of addiction. The first step of recovery will likely involve detox and withdrawal, a necessary prerequisite to starting the recovery journey. Alcohol detox should be provided by a medical detox program that will closely monitor symptoms and provide ongoing interventions throughout the detox process.

Following detox, a structured addiction treatment program will guide individuals through the process of changing disordered addiction-related behaviors and habits. This is accomplished through intensive psychotherapy, group therapy, addiction education, relapse prevention planning, and experiential activities.

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