Addiction Therapy San Juan Capistrano

Addiction Therapy San Juan Capistrano

Solutions 4 Recovery Offers Addiction Therapy San Juan Capistrano

Unwinding the compulsive behaviors that have resulted in a drug or alcohol addiction takes time and lots of patience.  No one sets out to become an addict, that is for certain. The circumstances that may have contributed to addiction to taking root will vary dramatically from person to person.  Some may have been prescribed pain medications following an injury or surgery, only to become dependent on opioids. Others may struggle with anxiety or depression and used a substance to self-medicate, becoming addicted.  Still others are biologically hardwired toward addiction.

Regardless of the origin of the problem, recovery from a substance use disorder requires commitment and time.  Beginning with detox and withdrawal, a comprehensive multi-modal therapeutic approach to treating addiction will involve a plan that is customized for each individual’s unique situation.  Addiction therapy San Juan Capistrano can help you overcome addiction and reclaim your joy in life.

How Addiction Therapy Can Help You Overcome a Drug or Alcohol Dependency

Some people mistakenly believe that all an addict has to do is detox and then simply steer clear of drugs and alcohol.  This misguided approach has a 100% chance of utter failure because addiction remaps brain chemistry to such a degree that triggers and cravings will instantly kick in as soon as one leaves the detox center.  In fact, leaving detox and not entering into a structured treatment program can have deadly consequences if relapse occurs.  This is because the body, once detoxified, cannot metabolize the same level of drug or alcohol dosing as prior to detox, potentially leading to overdose and death.

An effective addiction treatment program will not only teach the individual how addiction works, but will give them the tools and coping skills to learn how to overcome the compulsive drug-seeking behaviors that the mind has been demanding.  Therapy can provide important insights about the personal issues or pain that fuel addictive behavior.

This is a process that takes time.  By participating in group therapy, individual therapy, and various addiction education workshops the individual will begin to take control of his or her will again.  

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Addiction therapy San Juan Capistrano can take many different forms.  Dual diagnosis treatment is one of the specialty therapies offered there that addresses those who have both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder.  It is quite common for a mood disorder to coexist with an addiction, and treating both disorders is key in achieving a lasting recovery.

Types of Evidence-Based Therapy for Treating Addiction

Treating a drug or alcohol addiction successfully requires a combination of evidence-based approaches, those treatment modalities that have been scientifically proven to be effective. These typically include the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and in-depth testing and evaluations throughout the treatment process.  Addiction therapy in San Juan Capistrano includes these modalities.

CBT is a short-term psychotherapy that focuses on both the thinking (cognitive) and acts (behavioral) at work in a substance use disorder.  Often the individual becomes mired in irrational thought patterns that trigger the compulsive and self-destructive addictive behaviors. CBT helps the individual identify the disordered patterns and shift them toward those that are healthy, positive, and proactive.

Solutions 4 Recovery Offers Addiction Therapy San Juan Capistrano

Solutions 4 Recovery is an addiction treatment program located in San Juan Capistrano, California.  With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Solutions 4 Recovery provides the serene setting that helps foster a calm, healing environment.  Solutions 4 Recovery specializes in treating each individual as a unique person, customizing each treatment plan according to their treatment needs, values, and beliefs.  For more information about the programs, please contact us today at (888) 417-1874