accused of drinking alcohol at work

What to Do When Accused of Drinking Alcohol at Work

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Times have certainly changed, and for the better. For decades it was considered the norm for executives to imbibe in the office. Many offices even had dedicated liquor cabinets, featuring ornate decanters filled with Scotch whiskey and hi-ball…
sober up from drugs

How to Sober Up from Drugs or Alcohol Safely

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When learning that someone is ready to sober up from drugs or alcohol, following cheers of delight the assumption is that this simply involves discontinuing substance use. A general lack of understanding about the science of addiction is at…
Doctors who Specialize in Benzo Withdrawawl

Highly Experienced Doctors Who Specialize in Benzo Withdrawal

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One hundred and twenty-seven million prescriptions. That is how many prescriptions have been filled in the U.S. for the wildly popular drug class, benzodiazepine—commonly referred to as “benzos”—according to the Drug Enforcement…
supplements for addiction

Nutritional Supplements That Can Boost Mental Health And Help During Recovery

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Protecting brain health and mental health with good nutrition is essential while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Brain imaging studies of people addicted to drugs display physical changes in areas of the brain associated…
Stages of Relapse

Stages of Relapse and Relapse Prevention

Identifying Warnings Signs and The Stages of Relapse When it comes to addiction recovery, no matter how committed to sobriety a person is, there is always, always the risk that they may return to using or drinking—especially…
30 day rehab

What to Expect in 30 Day Rehab

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Rehabilitation. The word invokes images of restoration, new beginnings, and wellness. When it comes to addiction rehabilitation those terms are especially meaningful, and should include the addition of one more: life. For addiction is a chronic,…
Severe Alcoholism Physical Symptoms

What are Severe Alcoholism Physical Symptoms?

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Who would ever think that the partying so common in young adulthood could possibly result in end stage alcoholism and death, but in reality it actually can. Most people become acquainted with alcohol in the college years, where booze-saturated…
dope sick symptoms

What Are Dope Sick Symptoms?

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The term “dope sick” refers to the condition of experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to opiate addiction. The person may initially discover they are addicted to prescription painkillers when they stop taking the pills and begin to feel intense…
substance abuse and mental health

Treatment for Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Disorders

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Treatment for Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Disorders There is no disputing the emotional pain and other collateral damage that living with a mental health disorder can cause.  Living with chronic anxiety, major depression, bipolar disorder,…
Detox Prescription Drugs

Detox Prescription Drugs

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Medical Detox Prescription Drugs The drug epidemic and crisis surrounding prescription analgesics, such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Dilaudid, and Percocet, has captured the nation’s attention as thousands of people have overdosed and died in recent…