drug induced bipolar disorder

Drug Induced Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

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The symptoms of bipolar disorder, namely the extreme mood swings that characterize the mood disorder, can actually be induced by certain drugs or alcohol. While bipolar disorder remains a mysterious mental illness, as science has not definitively…
Mixing Ambien and Alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Ambien and Alcohol

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So you have some trouble getting to sleep. Maybe a glass of wine before bed will help you relax enough to nod off, or maybe you will try out the prescription for Ambien that your doctor recently gave you. Better yet, you ponder, maybe just take…
substance abuse and mental health

Treatment for Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Disorders

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Treatment for Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Disorders There is no disputing the emotional pain and other collateral damage that living with a mental health disorder can cause.  Living with chronic anxiety, major depression, bipolar disorder,…
pet friendly rehab options

Pet Friendly Rehab Options

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 Solutions 4 Recovery now offers a pet-friendly policy for its Southern California addiction and dual diagnosis rehabilitation programming. Allowing clients to bring their beloved pet to rehab can enhance the treatment experience,…