Drug Intervention

How a Professional Drug Intervention Can Make a Difference

When you develop an addiction, whether it is alcohol; drugs; an eating disorder or even the internet, the people around you have a sense of great loss. The person that they knew is essentially gone. A great divide or gap becomes present in their lives and the lives of the ones they love. The addiction is something your addict thinks they can handle but their lives deteriorate around them. The ones that care are made to watch.

The addict is always in complete denial of their addiction regardless of what type it is, always. The more the people in their lives that try to help, the more the addict feels that his or her “fix” is being threatened. The walls of denial grow stronger around the addict, keeping the ones who “don’t understand” out and keeping the ones who perpetuate the addiction close by.

For reasons we do not understand the addict may have been led to believe his family does not care, or they do not fit in and in many cases they do not seem to understand the problems, peer pressure, or maybe it is that they were given too much freedom too soon. There are thousands of reasons why this can happen and there are thousands of reasons for an addict to feel that they do not belong. It is up to the intervention process to show the addict the errors, and with the family involved, correct those underlying problems.

Alcohol or Drug Intervention Treatment 

An alcohol or drug intervention, when done correctly, tears down these walls. It brings a period of clarity to the addict, we use these brief moments to guide the alcoholic or addict to the path of recovery. Without drug intervention and family involvement is it more difficult to help an individual. The word “family” does not always mean blood relatives. Sometimes the “family” are the friends and those who care about the patient. When they are close, they too could have been the misguided cause of the patient’s addiction. In the patient’s mind it may not be the actually family to blame, but the addiction, regardless of the underlying problem can only be dealt with through intervention and the family process.

Solutions 4 Recovery have a proven intervention strategy that is used as a way to get the alcoholic or addict into the addiction recovery process. Through testimonial of people in their lives,, the individual is shown the detrimental impact of their behavior on themselves and on those around them. Solutions 4 Recovery’s method of showing people they have an addiction problem has a 97% success rate of getting patients into treatment programs. With an addiction intervention specialist, the loved ones of the patient are given the chance to help in a proper and productive manner.

As soon as you speak to one of our drug intervention staff members you will feel the burden lifting. You will realize there are those out there that understand, that have been through it and that have conquered it.

Solutions 4 Recovery offers Drug Intervention Resources

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