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Opiate Addiction Recovery can be a very painful process. But, a proper Opiate Addiction Treatment under a licensed doctor would be painless and worry free. This treatment program would be seven to ten days long.

Treatment of Opiate Addiction

Opiates grab a hold of the brain and the spinal cord. With this in mind, the brain then starts relying on the opiates instead of the brains natural resources. When Treatment of Opiate Addiction starts, the opiates are taken away, the brain cannot catch up and horrible withdrawal symptoms occur almost immediately.

Now remember, the opiates attached to the spinal cord so the nervous system is full of opiates and since the brain has stopped making adrenalin and other needed chemicals as Opiate Addiction Treatment is going on, the body and mind can convulse, hallucinations will occur, bone and muscle pain are quick and extreme. Most will feel hot or have cold chills or both, nausea and vomiting and gut wrenching constipation will occur without the help of a physician. Without this help, the patient could receive permanent damage to the heart or even death.

Subutex and Suboxone are now approved in the United States for the Treatment of Opiate Addiction. These two medications contain Buprenorphine.

However, because Suboxone does not produce the same pleasure sensations that traditional opiates do, there has been a rise in Suboxone related overdoses in recent years. In a search to try and push this medications effect, which does not typically produce a pleasure sensation or “rush” like Heroin does, the user will ingest a high amount of Suboxone. When this happens the user will not feel a physical pleasure based high but will indeed begin to shut down the breathing patterns in the body sometimes resulting in death.

Suboxone  is the complete “out-patient” nature of the medicine itself. As of this update (February 2003), Subutex & Suboxone are still relatively rare medications and finding physicians willing to dispense the medicine can be even more difficult. A new Opiate Addiction Treatment program known as OBOT is introduced. OBOT- an anagram for Office Based Opiate Treatment is a brand new Federal designation allowing physicians to treat addicts legally for the first time in nearly 90 years. OBOT provides a new option to help those afflicted with an addiction problem, but as history has shown us with addiction it is a physical and emotional problem, only so much help can be provided in a simple office-visit. It should also be noted that there tends to be a knee-jerk reaction whenever a new form of treatment arises with a particular problem in that it may provide the “easy cure”.

Opiate Addiction Recovery

With opiate addiction, Subutex & Suboxone represent the first new medications to be introduced specifically for Opiate Addiction Recovery in nearly 30 years. Of course, without an in-house Drug Detox Program, the use of these drugs are dangerous.