Our Guarantee

Solutions 4 Recovery

Our Guarantee

Successful recovery is depends on a full commitment to the program for the promise of freedom and a better life and Solutions 4 Recovery stands by our program that have helped thousands of individuals over the years.

Solutions 4 Recovery offers this limited guarantee for individuals who have completed our 90 day residential treatment program in any of our facilities and completed our 90 day Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

If a relapse occurs within one year of completing the program, the individual may return to the same facility where they originally received treatment for a 30 day program focusing on relapse prevention without cost other than detox and medication.

Relapse is being defined here as using alcohol, illegal drugs and non-prescribed medication.

Clients must have gone through the full 90 days and left in good standing. Does not apply for individuals discharged for disruptive behavior or non-compliance with residential program the first time.

All costs for 30 day relapse prevention program will be covered except for detox related costs and medications.