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Solutions 4 Recovery has several highly qualified and experienced medical doctors affiliated with our staff. After an evaluation in our custom program, individual clients are matched with the doctor who best matches the specific needs for their recovery. A dual diagnosis involves patients who, in addition to substance abuse and/or addiction, also suffer from a medical condition such as an eating disorder or other special dietary needs.The credentials of our counselors, as well as their experience, far exceed the state requirements for rehabilitation facilities. Each counselor holds an MFT (Masters Degree in Family Therapy) and most also hold additional degrees as well.

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Dr. Naficy

Dr. Naficy is a Board Certified Family Physician with twenty-five-years of clinical experience. He has been licensed to prescribe Suboxone since 2007 and has treated hundreds of drug dependent patients throughout the years. His family medicine background was helpful in establishing his minimalist approach to prescribing medications for patients struggling with drug dependence. Unfortunately, he witnessed too many patients who had been unnecessarily prescribed controlled medications and he encountered too many patients who were overmedicated in the name of treating drug dependence. From the onset of his involvement in this field he sought to undo those trends.

Dr. Naficy also happens to be one of only a handful of physicians in the state of California with expertise in mobilization of the unconscious and Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherpy (ISTDP). He has extensive training and research with Dr. H. Davanloo, the world renowned pioneer of the technique at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. This knowledge of the metapsychology of the unconscious has proven invaluable in understanding and treating substance abuse and dependence.

At the heart of all addictions, drug and otherwise, is unconscious anxiety and unconscious guilt, which is the dynamic force that drives self-destructive behavior. These emotional forces are difficult to access and not easily available to examine for most. Dr. Naficy’s intricate knowledge of the unconscious and ability to shine light on this fundamental area of the patient’s suffering and to guide the willing and determined patient to experience what was heretofore repressed represents a quantum leap in the treatment of substance abuse.

Jack Platt

Jack W. Platt, MA, MSW, LCSW, MAC

Program Director

Jack Platt has applied his diverse experience to the field of chemical dependency treatment. He has over 30 years of professional experience in this field of work. Jack’s accomplishments include, program development, supervision, training, teaching, counseling and consulting. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of California, Irvine and CSU Fullerton for ten years. He provided training for major corporations including Disneyland, ADP Corp, American Express Corporation, Printronics, and UCI Medical Center.  Jack has also been part time faculty instructor at Cypress and Saddleback Colleges. He has developed symposiums for psychotherapists, psychiatrists and other helping professionals.  Jack holds an M.A., in psychology from Pepperdine University, M.S.W. from USC in Los Angeles, and an undergraduate degree with dual majors in business administration and history.  He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a master’s level Certified Alcoholism and Drug Counselor.

Patty Bell

Patty Bell

Family Relations Manager/Interventionist

Clean and sober since May 1996 worked in treatment over 20 years. Loves to work with clients to get them into treatment thru intake/intervention. Loves Spartan Races, Triathlons and all endurance sports.  Employee of Capo by the Sea since 2001.