Our Staff

Solutions 4 Recovery has several highly qualified and experienced medical doctors affiliated with our staff. After an evaluation in our custom program, individual clients are matched with the doctor who best matches the specific needs for their recovery. A dual diagnosis involves patients who, in addition to substance abuse and/or addiction, also suffer from a medical condition such as an eating disorder or other special dietary needs.The credentials of our counselors, as well as their experience, far exceed the state requirements for rehabilitation facilities. Each counselor holds an MFT (Masters Degree in Family Therapy) and most also hold additional degrees as well.

Dr. Mitchell

Mitchell K. Naficy, MD


Dr. Naficy is a board-certified family physician with over 25 years of clinical experience. In 1985, he graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Microbiology and French Literature. In 1986, he enrolled at the Universidad Central del Caribe, School of Medicine in Puerto Rico. In 1990, he received his Medical Doctor degree. In 1991, Dr. Naficy completed his post-graduate training at the University of Southern California Medical Center. In 1998, he completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of California, Irvine Medical Center.

Dr. Naficy has treated hundreds of drug-dependent patients throughout the years. His family medicine background was helpful in establishing his minimalist approach to prescribing medications for patients struggling with drug dependence. Unfortunately, he witnessed too many patients who had been unnecessarily prescribed controlled medications or who were overmedicated in the name of treating drug dependence. From the onset of his involvement in this field, he sought to undo those trends.

Dr. Naficy also happens to be one of only a handful of physicians in the state of California with expertise in the mobilization of the unconscious and Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). He has extensive training and research with Dr. H. Davanloo, the world-renowned pioneer of the technique at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. This knowledge of the metapsychology of the unconscious has proven invaluable in understanding and treating substance abuse and dependence.

At the heart of all addictions, drug and otherwise, is unconscious anxiety and unconscious guilt, which is the dynamic force that drives self-destructive behavior. These emotional forces are difficult to access and not easily available to examine for most. Dr. Naficy’s intricate knowledge of the unconscious and ability to shine a light on this fundamental area of the patient’s suffering and to guide the willing and determined patient to experience what was heretofore repressed represents a quantum leap in the treatment of substance abuse.

Solutions 4 Recovery

Dr. Robin Fraser, LCSW


Dr. Robin Fraser is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor and LCSW therapist with a doctorate in medical physiology. Dr. Fraser uses his skills to strengthen and empower families and communities through educational and support programs. He obtained his master’s degree in social work and completed his Ph.D. in physiology from Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Fraser has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in mental and behavioral health and has worked as a social worker, counselor, and supervisor throughout his career. Some career highlights include working as a Senior Clinical Director for Padres Unidos, where he supervised as a field instructor for intern students from USC, California State University, Long Beach, and California State University, Dominguez Hills, to provide counseling for families in vulnerable communities. He has also been involved with Orange County Children and Family Services as a senior social worker.

Dr. Fraser has a passion for working with those struggling with mental and substance abuse issues. He believes in nurturing the spiritual growth of himself and others. When it comes to treating clients, he believes in the art of therapeutic connection. His style of treatment promotes a compassion-first approach as well as making positive contributions to their lives. Dr. Fraser enjoys providing love and service to help benefit the growth of others. In his free time, he engages in meditation/mindfulness, mountain biking, jogging, weight training, archery, yoga, and Ki training.


Terrence Kelleman, LAADC 


Terry Kellemen is a state board and internationally licensed substance abuse counselor with extensive experience in adolescent and adult substance abuse treatment. His expertise involves working with chronic “hard addiction causes,” relapse prevention, transitional housing and therapy, and family care. His addiction counseling experience spans 35 years, initiated by a personal knowledge of chemical dependency as an illness and firsthand experience in recovery, which enables him to relate to people in their addiction regardless of age or background.

Terry has set a precedent in his approach to intervention and addiction therapy by being the conduit to recovery for his clients and their family members. Terry’s dedication to his life’s work has provided a haven to those who need support and direction during a challenging period of their lives.

Jack Platt

Jack Platt, LCSW 


With over 30 years of professional experience in mental and behavioral health, Jack Platt has worked in such roles as administration, staff supervision, patient and family counseling, corporate training, and teaching. Jack received his bachelor’s degree in business administration, a master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University, and another master’s degree in social work from USC. He is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), a nationally certified master addiction counselor (MAC), an internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor (IAOD), and has a lifetime teaching certificate for the California State Community College system. Jack has been a guest lecturer at the University of California, Irvine, and California State University, Fullerton.

Jeff Lazarro

Jeff Lazzaro

Program Director

Jeff has worked in the field of recovery for almost six years and brings with him vast experiences in helping struggling addicts and alcoholics surrender and be able to help themselves to begin a new journey in recovery. Jeff began his journey in the treatment field in 2014 and has worked his way up to Program Director position with his strong work ethic, dedication, and commitment. As the Program Director at Capo by the Sea, Jeff uses his experience and the personable approach in ensuring an exceptional client experience from the first day through a successful discharge. He has a passion for providing the highest level of care to every client; Jeff comes in contact with and genuine respect for our recovery community. Jeff’s interest in helping men and women learn how to become and stay sober. He is shown in his daily work ethics with clients, by motivating, supporting, and believing in every individual no matter their past. Jeff brings many years of team leadership experience to his role as Program Director to our team. Jeff carefully guides Capo by the Sea’s team to strive for excellence in the continuity of care for all clients by promoting awareness of individual needs, and for all by fostering excellent communication among all persons. Jeff’s # 1 one goal is to assure that Capo by the Sea continues to build the most sincere and exceptional quality service to fulfill the expectations and emptiness of our clients and their loved ones. Jeff is always available for the clients and their loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jeff is from Syracuse, New York. He loves to attend live music shows and take his dog on adventures. Jeff’s favorite quote is, “Once in a while you get shown the light, In the strangest of places if you look at it right” – Jerry Garcia.

Patty Bell

Patty Bell

Family Relations Manager/Interventionist

Patty has maintained her sobriety since May 1996. She attributes her recovery success to the strong foundation that was built for her life by living the 12 steps daily. Patty loves to work with clients to get them into treatment through interviewing and interventions. When Patty is not helping others, you will most likely find her training for a Spartan Race Triathlon and all other endurance sports. Patty has been employed by Capo by the Sea since 2001, serving the Capo community and helping others find joy in a life of recovery.

Solutions 4 Recovery

Sean Coumbes


Sean’s belief in the core tenets of the AA 12-Step Program has helped shape the compassionate, caring, and understanding individual he is today. His mission has been to help struggling addicts and alcoholics surrender and then build a new life in recovery. Sean’s desire to work with those he serves inspires a value-based and purpose-driven involvement in life, while offering each client the highest level of respect and care. Sean is registered by CCAPP as a drug and alcohol technician.

Jacqueline Malani

Jacqueline Malani, Director of Compliance


Jacqueline completed vocational school with a certification as a medical assistant. She has worked as a CMA for over ten years and is pursuing further education to become a registered nurse. In 2015, Jacqueline was given the opportunity to work in the behavioral health industry, at which time she decided to transition her skills and experiences, and learn new skills, in this industry. She has a genuine passion for working with individuals battling addiction. Jacqueline is not only happy to be a part of Capo by the Sea’s team; she is grateful to be working with such a caring group of people that are helping to change the lives of others.

Jacqueline works behind the scenes to help facilitate Capo by the Sea to ensure that the organization complies with federal and state laws. She believes proactive measures are vital for individuals suffering from substance abuse, in order for them to restore wellness and sustain sobriety. Jacqueline thrives on going the extra mile, ensuring all clients at Capo by the Sea receive the highest level of compassion. Her work helps ensure that the program runs smoothly and that all client, visitor, or employee interactions with Capo by the Sea are both pleasant and respectful. Jacqueline is certified in CPR and first-aid.

Adrienne Woodward

Adrienne Woodward, LVN, RADT


Adrienne is a licensed vocational nurse, former volunteer, and now the LVN and lead treatment technician at Capo by the Sea where she provides care to clients. Adrienne efficiently monitors, observes, and reports to the program director on a daily basis. Adrienne maintains professional standards and continues to work her personal recovery program by maintaining the relationship with her sponsor and prioritizing sobriety.

Adrienne loves to see clients overcome the challenges that life has thrown at them. She strives to maintain a loving, supportive, and safe atmosphere. Adrienne provides compassionate care to help each individual achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Addie is certified in CPR and first-aid.

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Ashly Fox


Ashly Fox is a thought leader in the field of mental health and addiction treatment. She is creating change in the field with her uniquely designed evidenced-based system. The system incorporates the practices and tools of western psychology, yoga, and somatic awareness to support clients on their individual and collective health and healing journeys. Ashly’s training both on and off the yoga mat focuses not only on the physical benefits of yoga but also its mental health benefits.

Ashly is an experienced registered yoga teacher (YA-500 ERYT), and is Yoga Alliance, 500-hour certified. She specializes in therapeutic yoga and customizing practices to meet individual client’s needs and presenting pathology. Ashly is trained in and draws from various styles and lineages of yoga, including vinyasa, Hatha, restorative, yin, pranayama (breath work), visualization and meditation. Ashly is also certified in CPR and first-aid.

Robert Karlsson

Robert Karlsson

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

Robert Karlsson is a clinical nutritionist and health care consultant who works with local schools, community centers, and substance abuse recovery centers across Southern California. Over the past decade, his fascination with nutritional deficiencies led him to focus on depletion caused by poor diet and toxic states that prevented the body from healing or performing optimally. His techniques for healing and restoring health are easily integrated into an array of medical treatment programs.

Robert’s primary mentor was Dr. Frank Varese, M.D., a pioneer in longevity medicine who devoted his practice to finding health and wellness solutions for patients who could not find the answers they needed from their regular doctors. John was fortunate to work with Dr.Varese for six years.

Ryan Ruiz

Ryan Ruiz, AMFT

California Board of Behavioral Sciences License Number 116276

Ryan joined Capo by the Sea in October 2019 and integrates much creativity into his individual therapy treatment techniques. Ryan is part of a clinical treatment team that guides and advises individuals towards designing their own path of recovery. Ryan’s roles as a therapist include seeing individual clients daily for individual therapy sessions, facilitating family therapy sessions, and performing process group sessions using a blend of evidence-based therapies and a holistic approach.

Ryan strives to help clients reach their full potential in a variety of ways, such as showing and teaching clients how to look at themselves in a caring way, by helping client and families work together, to encourage them look at themselves as more than just an “addict,” and to heal the underlying problem that has caused the hurt and chaos that has led them to Capo by the Sea. Ryan’s perspective, “The reason I do what I do is to help individuals face their fears and to watch them overcome the obstacles in their lives.”

Jerry Diaz



Jerry’s recovery story is the most shared story at Capo by the Sea. Jerry came to Capo by Sea in 2015, having not had one day sober since the age of 13. Jerry’s physical and emotional battles to overcome his addiction and begin a new way of life were a daily gamble. Jerry didn’t know how to stay away from his old behaviors. Today Jerry has four years of sobriety under his belt, and has rebuilt and established healthy relationships with his three children, five grandchildren, family members, and friends.

Jerry has established his home in San Juan Capistrano and continues to work at Capo by the Sea every day helping individuals battle their own addiction and hardships.

Claudio Masala



Claudio is a client advocate, where he is responsible for assisting and supporting clients through their treatment experience. Claudio was born and raised in Italy and established his residence in South Orange County 40 years ago. Claudio has almost 29 years of sobriety, and to this day, he continues to work the program, lead AA/NA meetings, and be active in the behavioral health community.

April Robertson



April is a Registered Alcohol Drug Technician at Capo by the Sea. April thrives on providing care to all individuals. She feels it is a rewarding position where she can utilize her own personal experiences to support individuals during the early stage of recovery. She is certified in CPR and first aid, and is a motivated team member who supports those struggling with substance abuse, alcohol dependency, and co-occurring disorders. April is responsible for the complete care and wellbeing of individuals who are receiving services from our inpatient program, as well as the female clients who are part of our outpatient program.

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Cari is a Registered Alcohol Drug Technician at Capo by the Sea. She is certified in CPR and first aid, and is aa motivated team member who supports those struggling with substance abuse, alcohol dependency, and co-occurring disorders. Cari ensures resident confidentiality and safety, maintaining healthy and professional boundaries with all individuals. Cari demonstrates a strong work ethic while performing her job duties and adhering to Capo by the Sea’s values and principals.

Solutions 4 Recovery



Federico’s educational and professional background has afforded him experience with multiple ranges of clientele. He began his career as a therapist in South Orange County, California, with an associate’s degree in psychology (Magna Cum Laude). This was followed by his bachelor’s degree in psychology and social behavior at UCI (Magna Cum Laude), culminating with a master’s in clinical psychology at Pepperdine University.

During his time as a psychotherapist, while continuing his education at UCI, he was accepted into a two-year program of behavioral medicine. The department was under the supervision of Dr. Larry D. Jamner. The lab consisted of clinical human psychophysiology, the role of behavior in the etiology, treatment, and prevention of health disorders. Federico was actively involved in evaluating dialysis patients cognitively and emotionally.

In 2017 Federico obtained his master’s in clinical psychology. His clinical experience includes trauma, work with adolescents, grief, multicultural counseling, and acculturation. He worked at OCCTAC (Orange County Children Therapeutic Center) under the supervision of site founder Dr. Ana Jimenez-Hami, where the mayor of Santa Ana awarded him for services he had provided. Federico comes from a multicultural environment; his parents were Italian immigrants in Argentina, but he also spent years in Mallorca, Spain, Germany, England, Argentina, and the USA. Federico’s hobbies are traveling, exploring, acting, and daydreaming; in other words, he enjoys putting a smile on others’ faces. Federico brings joy, smiles and the feeling of security to the clients at Capo by the Sea, and is a wonderful addition to the team.